Power Splitter / Power Combiner

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12 Way

RF Power Divider, Combiner, Splitter
Type N & SMA, 0.698-2.700 GHz

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12 Way N Type Power Divider Combiner Splitter

optimum broadband RF performance

PD2012 is an RF wideband 12 way splitter combiner furnished with N type jack coax connectors. All wireless band frequencies from 0.698 - 2.700 GHz are covered with optimum RF performance. 40 watt input max microwave power can be handled in both power divider and power combiner scenarios. See input power rating tables…

12 Way N-Jack Power Divider Outline Drawing
12 Way SMA-Jack Power Divider

true 12-way power split and balance

P2112 is an RF microwave power splitter, combiner with 50 ohm SMA connectors. Electrical performance is high lighted by 1.5 dB max insertion loss, 18 dB minimum isolation, 1.45:1 max input VSWR and 1.25:1 maximum output VSWR. Narrow band WCDMA, PCS and GSM performance may be even better. See test sweeps…

12-Way SMA-Jack Power Divider Outline Drawing
Twelve Way, 50 Ohm, Type N & SMA, RF Microwave Power Dividers Combiners Splitters
Model No. Coaxial
Insertion Loss
(above 10.79 dB)
Isolation Input
PD2012 N Female 0.698-2.700 GHz 1.5 dB max 0.5 dB max 8° max 18 dB min 1.45:1 max 1.25:1 max
PD2112 SMA Female 0.698-2.700 GHz 1.5 dB max 0.5 dB max 8° max 18 dB min 1.45:1 max 1.25:1 max
To view graphical test sweeps, click on Model No. of 12way, N-Type or SMA, RF microwave, wilkinson power dividers combiners splitters.
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