Current Steering L-Band Splitter Combiners
DC Fail-Safe, 698-2700 MHz

Current steering is the directing of DC current in a preferred direction, by use of properly oriented diodes, and the prevention of current flow in the opposite direction. With diodes in series with each of the combiner ports, the DC supplied to these ports travels only to the common antenna port and does not interfere or back-feed the other DC supply. In contrast, however, the diodes do not restrict or impede the bi-directional RF transmission capability of the splitter combiner.

Current steering splitters allow you to provide multiple voltage sources while preventing them from interfering, or cross-feeding, with each other. This is important because when voltage sources are connected in parallel, even a microvolt of difference will lead to infinite current flow between them. This results in voltage back-feeding to one source or another which, in many cases, will cause damage to the equipment supplying the voltage. This will also prevent any remote devices (such as an active antenna) from remaining powered should either of the voltage sources fail. Each DC input on the current steering splitters is diode-protected to prevent cross-feeding and is rated to 1A, 100 VDC.

This innovative new product is exactly what you need in your GPS/GNSS and L-Band systems for uninterrupted, 24/7 operation without worrying about down-time or equipment damage. Built-in diode protection serves as a fail-safe mechanism providing DC redundancy to your amplified or active antenna. If one of your power sources or receivers fail, the other continues powering the active antenna maintaining uninterrupted systems operation.

Current Steering Splitter Specifications

Model No N Way Coaxial
Frequency Range
Insertion Loss
(above split)
Amplitude Balance
Phase Balance
Input VSWR
Output VSWR
CSS210 2 Way SMA 698-2700 0.5 dB (above 3.01) 0.2 dB 22 dB min 1.25:1  1.20:1 
CSS200 2 Way N Type 698-2700 0.4 dB (above 3.01) 0.2 dB 22 dB min 1.25:1  1.15:1 
CSS220 2 Way TNC 698-2700 0.4 dB (above 3.01) 0.2 dB 22 dB min 1.25:1  1.15:1 
CSS250 2 Way BNC 698-2700 0.4 dB (above 3.01) 0.2 dB 22 dB min 1.25:1  1.15:1 
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