Power Splitter / Power Combiner

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16 Way

RF Power Divider, Combiner, Splitter
Type N & SMA, 0.698-2.700 GHz

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16Way N-Jack Power Divider

bi-directional splitting & combining

PD2016 is a 16 way RF wide band, bi-directional power splitter combiner furnished with type N female connectors. All wireless band frequencies from 698 to 2700 MHz are covered with optimum performance. 40 watt max microwave power can be handled in both power splitter & combiner scenarios. See input power rating tables…

16-Way N Type Power Divider Outline Drawing
16 Way SMA-Jack Power Divider

passive low loss microstrip circuit

PD2116 is a 16-way passive power divider combiner furnished with 50 ohm SMA female coaxial connectors. The heart of the unit is a precision designed and etched microstrip circuit on a low loss, high frequency dielectric substrate. Electrical performance is high lighted by 1.8 dB max insertion loss, 20 dB min isolation…

16Way SMA Jack Power Divider Outline Drawing
Sixteen Way, 50 Ohm, N Type & SMA, Wilkinson Power Dividers, Combiners, Splitters
Model No. Coaxial
Insertion Loss
(above 12 dB)
Isolation Input
PD2016 N Female 0.698-2.700 GHz 1.8 dB max 0.6 dB max 8° max 20 dB min 1.50:1 max 1.20:1 max
PD2116 SMA Female 0.698-2.700 GHz 1.8 dB max 0.6 dB max 10° max 20 dB min 1.50:1 max 1.20:1 max
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