RF Terminations 1 Watt, DC-6 GHz
50 Ohm Load, Low-VSWR

50 ohm terminations, also called terminators or dummy loads, are typically installed on unused coaxial ports to prevent the RF signal from reflecting. All unused ports in a multi-port RF system should be terminated to prevent signal incidents and to ensure accurate measurements. INSTOCK Wireless terminations are offered with SMA, N-Type, TNC, BNC & QMA coaxial connector options and are the ideal solution for terminating your unused ports with a 50 ohm load. All models INSTOCK and ready to ship.

Termination Specifications

Model No. Impedance Connector Interface Frequency Range Power Rating VSWR (DC-1 GHz) VSWR (1-6 GHz)
TS0601 50 Ohm SMA DC-6 GHz 1 Watt 1.05:1 max 1.15:1 max
TN0601 50 Ohm N Type DC-6 GHz 1 Watt 1.05:1 max 1.10:1 max
TT0601 50 Ohm TNC DC-6 GHz 1 Watt 1.10:1 max 1.15:1 max
TB0601 50 Ohm BNC DC-6 GHz 1 Watt 1.05:1 max 1.10:1 max
TQ0601 50 Ohm QMA DC-6 GHz 1 Watt 1.05:1 max 1.10:1 max
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