BT4020 - Type N Bias Tee, 10-4000 MHz, 1.5A

High Isolation, 10 MHz - 4 GHz, N Type 50 Ohm

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Product Overview

  • Inject DC into RF Transmission Line
  • Extracts DC from RF transmission line
  • Low Insertion Loss (0.15 dB avg)
  • High RF to DC Isolation (65 dB avg)
  • Excellent VSWR (1.10 : 1 avg)
  • 100 VDC & 1.5 A max at DC port
  • Tri Alloy Type N Female (Jack) Low PIM
Insertion Loss VSWR DC Voltage DC Current RF-DC Isolation RF Input Power
10-3500 MHz 0.30 dB 1.20 : 1 100 V 1.5 A 40 dB 100W
3500-4000 MHz 0.35 dB 1.20 : 1 100 V 1.5 A 40 dB 100W

BT4020 Features & Benefits


BT4020 is a bias tee (also called a bias T) 3-port device with N Type female coaxial connectors that is ideal for injecting DC current into your RF transmission line, typically used for remotely powering a low-noise amplifier or active antenna. Covering all applications within the 10-4000 MHz range, this Bias T can pass up to 1.5 Amps of DC current with excellent electrical performance.


The heart of the unit is a precision designed and etched microstrip circuit on a low-loss, high-frequency, dielectric substrate. Electrical performance is highlighted by 0.35 dB max insertion loss, 40 dB min RF-DC isolation, and 1.20:1 max VSWR. Narrow band RF performance over your frequency range may be even better. 100W max RF input power, 100V max DC voltage, and 1.5 Amp max DC current ensures optimal performance for all of your DC-injection requirements.


The BT4020's T-Style housing allows convenient coaxial cable access to all connector ports. Mechanical features include precision CNC, brass, 50 ohm Type N female coaxial connectors with tri allow plating to ensure tarnish resistance and low PIM operation. Connector pins are gold plated phospher bronze for reliability and low contact resistance.Virgin electrical grade PTFE support insulators captivate the contact pins enabling trouble free coaxial connector mating. Long term operation and superior shielding is assured by the rugged CNC machined aluminum housing with clear chemical film finish. Secure mounting is provided by two 0.125" dia (3.18 mm) through holes. RoHS construction includes no-lead solder and a finish free of hexavalent chromium.


Housing dimensions are 1.98" wide by 1.98" deep by 0.88" high (50.3 x 50.3 x 22.2 mm). The N Type female (jack) connectors extend 0.65" (16.3 mm) from the housing. Operating temperature range is from -65°C to +85°C. Weight is 173 grams. See N Type Bias T outline drawing for more information.


The BT4020 Type N female (jack), 1.5 Amp, high isolation Bias Tee is ideal for a wide range of wireless radio frequency microwave applications where you must remotely insert DC current into an RF/microwave transmission line, often to power a low noise amplifier or active antenna. For more information on applications of an INSTOCK Wireless coaxial Bias Tee, please contact an INSTOCK Applications Engineer at 1-973-335-6550.

BT4020 - Bias T / Bias Tee Test Data

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Insertion Loss Test Sweep for BT4020
Insertion Loss Test Sweep for BT4020
Port-to-Port Isolation Test Sweep for BT4020
Port-to-Port Isolation Test Sweep for BT4020
Input Return Loss Test Sweep for BT4020
Input Return Loss Test Sweep for BT4020
Output Return Loss Test Sweep for BT4020
Output Return Loss Test Sweep for BT4020
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