TB0601 - BNC Termination, 1 Watt, DC - 6 GHz

50 Ohm Coaxial Load, BNC Male, Low VSWR

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Product Overview

  • Well-matched 50 ohm coaxial load
  • Necessary for unused splitter ports
  • Preserves optimum signal integrity
  • Maintains ideal power transfer
Frequency Range Impedance Power Rating VSWR (DC-1 GHz) VSWR (1-6 GHz) Operating Temp Weight
DC-6 GHz 50 Ohms 1 Watt 1.05:1 max 1.10:1 max -55°C TO +125°C 11 grams

TB0601 Features & Benefits


TB0601 is a 50 ohm coaxial termination (also known as terminator or dummy load) with a BNC male connector interface in accordance with MIL-STD-348B. TB0601 provides a well-matched 50 ohm load and is the ideal solution for terminating unused splitter ports, ensuring optimum signal integrity and power transfer through the device. Operating frequency range is from DC to 6 GHz with 1 Watt maximum power handling.


TB0601 provides a well-matched 50 ohm load for an unused port to reduce signal reflection and degradation. All frequencies from DC to 6 GHz are covered with exceptional performance. Max VSWR is 1.05:1 from DC to 1 GHz and 1.10:1 from 1 to 6 GHz. Maximum power handling is 1 watt.


Mechanical features include precision CNC brass 50 ohm BNC male coaxial connector interface. The connector pin is gold plated brass for reliability and low contact resistance. Virgin electrical grade PTFE support insulator captivates the contact pin enabling trouble free coaxial connector mating. Recommended mating torque is 12 LB-IN (136 N-CM) or finger tight.


Termination dimensions are 1.015" deep with a circumference of 0.570". The BNC male (plug) center contact does not extend beyond the body. Operating temperature range is from -55°C to +125°C. Weight is 11 grams. See the BNC termination outline drawing for more information.


TB0601 BNC male (plug) termination is necessary for providing unused ports with a well-matched 50 ohm load to maintain optimum signal performance. For more information on applications of INSTOCK Wireless coaxial terminations, please contact an INSTOCK Applications Engineer at 1-973-335-6550.

TB0601 - Termination Test Data

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Return Loss Test Sweep for TB0601

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