Power Splitter / Power Combiner

PD2531 - UHF/RFID Power Divider Combiner

3-Way, BNC Female, 350-1000 MHz, 30 Watts

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RF Power Divider Combiner for UHF, RFID, and TETRA - 3 Way, BNC Female

UHF/RFID/TETRA Power Splitter Combiner
50 Ohm BNC Female, 350 - 1000 MHz, 30 Watts

  • UHF/RFID Frequency (350 - 1000 MHz)
  • Low Insertion Loss (0.3 dB avg)
  • High Port to Port Isolation (30 dB avg)
  • Excellent VSWR (1.10 : 1 avg)
  • RoHS Compliant Splitter Construction
  • Tri Alloy BNC Female (Jack) 50 Ohm
3 Way Power Divider RF Input Ratings
Into Matched
Load VSWR's
In-Phase 180°
1.2 : 1 30 Watts 30 Watts
2.0 : 1 30 Watts 7.5 Watts
VSWR = infinity (open or short) 15 Watts 0.75 Watt
3 Way Power Combiner RF Input Ratings
Input Signals In-Phase 180°
Coherent 3 X 10 Watts 3 X 0.25 Watts
Non-Coherent 3 X 0.5 Watt
TETRA, UHF, RFID Splitter Combiner BNC-jack Outline Drawing
Mechanical Specifications
Circuit Design ……… 
Wilkinson Microstrip passes
DC Current thru all ports
Connectors ……………  BNC Female, 50 Ohm Coaxial
Body ……………………  Brass, Tri-Alloy Plate
Connector Pin …  Phosphor Bronze, Gold Plate
Insulator ……………  PTFE, Virgin Electrical Grade
Housing …………………  Aluminum, Clear Chem Film
Operating Temp …  -65°C to +85°C
Weight ……………………  296 Grams

PD2531 - BNC Power Divider Combiner Specifications

Frequency Range (MHz) Insertion Loss above 4.77 dB Amplitude
Isolation Input
350-1000 0.7 dB max 0.3 dB max 4° max 18 dB min 1.35 : 1 max 1.20 : 1 max

PD2531, 350 - 1000 MHz BNC Splitter Combiner Test Data

UHF/RFID Power Divider, 3 Way, BNC Jack - Insertion Loss
Insertion Loss Test Sweep for Model PD2531 from INSTOCK Wireless.
UHF/RFID Power Divider, 3 Way, BNC Jack - Isolation
Isolation Test Sweep for Model PD2531 from INSTOCK Wireless.
UHF/RFID Power Divider, 3 Way, BNC Jack - VSWR
Input VSWR Test Sweep for Model PD2531 from INSTOCK Wireless. Output VSWR Test Sweep for Model PD2531 from INSTOCK Wireless.

Input Return Loss

Output Return Loss

PD2531 - Features & Benefits


PD2531 is a RoHS compliant, 3 way, wideband, 50 ohm, RF power divider, power combiner furnished with BNC jack female coaxial connectors. All wireless band frequencies in the range from 350 to 1000 MHz are covered with optimal RF performance. Max microwave input power levels up to 40 watts can be handled in both power splitter and power combiner applications. See 3 way power divider input rating tables for additional details.


The heart of the unit is a precision designed and etched Wilkinson type microstrip circuit on a low loss, high frequency, dielectric substrate. Electrical performance is highlighted by 0.7 dB max insertion loss (above the 4.77 dB power split), 18 dB min isolation, 1.35:1 max input VSWR and 1.20:1 max output port VSWR. Equal power split and symmetry is displayed by 0.3 dB amplitude balance and 4 degrees phase balance. Narrow band RF performance over your frequency range may be even better. See 4 way power divider test sweeps for details.


Mechanical features include precision CNC, brass, 50 ohm BNC female coaxial connectors with tri alloy plating to insure tarnish resistance and low PIM operation. Connector pins are gold plated beryllium copper for reliability and low contact resistance. Virgin electrical grade PTFE support insulators captivate the contact pins enabling trouble free coaxial connector mating. Long term operation and superior shielding is assured by the rugged CNC machined aluminum housing with clear chemical film finish. Secure mounting is provided by two 0.125" diameter (3.18 mm) through holes. RoHS construction includes no-lead solder and a finish free of hexavalent chromium.


Housing dimensions are 2.98" wide by 2.98" deep by 0.88" high (75.7 x 75.7 x 22.2 mm). The BNC female (jack) connectors extend 0.61" (15.5 mm) from the housing. Operating temperature range is from -65°C to +85°C. Weight is 296 grams. See 3 way BNC splitter outline drawing for more information.


The PD2531 3-way, BNC-jack, 350-1000 MHz power splitter combiner is ideal for a wide range of wireless radio frequency microwave applications on both transmit and receive sides, ranging from amplifier sharing & receiver combining to antenna splitting, and is deployed world wide in UHF networks encompassing Land Mobile Radio System (LMRS), Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA), and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Options / Additional Models

698-2700 MHz : A wideband version of this three way power splitter is available spanning 698-2700 MHz for L-Band, Public Safety Band, and 3G/4G LTE applications. PD2530

DC Blocking: Two DC blocking versions of this 3way divider combiner available:

PD5030: DC pass 1 port, DC block other ports. Typically used for powering an active antenna through the DC pass port of the RF power divider splitter.

PD5032: DC block 3 ports. Typically used in combining applications to prevent passing DC to sum port or other input.

GPS Splitter: 1x3 GPS antenna signal splitter covering GPS / GNSS global navigation satellite system positioning frequency bands. GPS320

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